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Is New Skills Academy accredited in USA?


At New Skills Academy, we are often asked if our online courses are accredited in the USA. As a leading provider of online courses in the UK and US, we take pride in offering educational and detailed courses on an extensive variety of subjects. If you’re considering booking one or more of our US-based courses, you may be wondering if they’re accredited in the US.

The good news is, New Skills Academy online courses are approved by companies like CPD Certification Service, CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). So, if you’re looking to do some US-based online courses from New Skills Academy, you can look forward to reliable, approved content certified by experts.

If you’re looking for a course-provider that guarantees job-readiness and better prospects for higher earning, you’re already in the right place. People of any age can prepare themselves for employment by studying the right course that matches their needs.

The Benefits of Doing Online Courses

Students are often facing many difficulties when it comes to pursuing a traditional education. High fees, difficult commutes, a shortage of subjects and the inability to study a subject of your choice are all examples of some of the challenges that students face. Moreover, you may be looking to complete a job-oriented course that helps you find employment faster than a conventional three or four year degree course at college.

People ask Is New Skills Academy accredited in USA?

Our extensive range of online courses help students like you obtain certification in a subject of your choice. You can use your certification to find fulltime or part-time employment or pursue further education in the field. We, at New Skills Academy, strongly believe that students should be able to study a subject of their choice according to their preference and inclination.

That’s not all.

With the added challenges of COVID-19, studying online has become a mainstream option for thousands of people in terms of health and safety. Why take the added risk of attending physical classes when you have the option of studying from the safety of your home? Our online courses are tailored for easy and efficient delivery to your device or mobile phone.

Here’s a closer look at important benefits of studying online courses:


Taking our UK or US online courses helps you to balance your responsibilities with your family and work while pursuing an education at the same time. You can mold the online courses to your schedule and log in at a time that works best with your schedule.

You don’t have to waste your time, effort and hard-earned money on commuting to far-off places.

Greater Choice

Whether you’re a working professional or a high school graduate, you should be able to study a course that stirs your interest. What are the missing skills that are keeping you from enjoying your dream career? Visit the New Skills Academy website and browse through our comprehensive range of online courses.

Comfortable Learning Environment

All you need is a reliable computer connection and access to uninterrupted Internet. You can enjoy working our educational courses from the comfort of your home. You can sit in a chair with a cup of coffee while studying your favorite course.

Cost-Effective Education

Students can take advantage of our attractively priced courses as opposed to paying thousands of pounds for traditional college education. You can choose to do one or more of our online courses without being obliged to break the bank.

Pace Yourself

One of the biggest problems of traditional education is the pressure to keep up with the rest of the batch. Every student has their own strengths, weaknesses and constraints, and we appreciate that you should be able to pace your work. This way, you can study in a way that benefits you the most. There is no pressure to ‘keep up’.

Advance Your Career Prospects

Our carefully tailored courses are specially customized to suit your needs. Students can work during the day and complete their coursework during the evenings or nights. Additionally, you can apply your new knowledge or skills to your job and look forward to advancing your career prospects.

Why wait anymore? Please visit our user-friendly website to study a course of your choice.

Why Consider Investing in Our Online Courses?

We offer more than 260 exciting and informative courses on a number of subjects, such as:

• Animal care
• Business
• Health and safety
• Personal and professional development
• Sales and marketing
• Interior design
• Medical
• Beauty and grooming
• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Customer service
• Programming

and many more.

Visit New Skills Academy to Pursue a Course of Your Choice

Please feel free to browse the New Skills Academy website for a course of your choice. You can choose from beginners, intermediate and advanced levels for in-depth courses. It’s not necessary to have expensive college education in order to be able to work. Experts and business leaders have often commented on the gap between developing job-ready skills and university education. It’s much more important to focus on learning skills that are missing from your arsenal.

The New Skills Academy provides an impressive array of online courses to suit every inclination, interest and preference. Our courses are suitable for working professionals, high school graduates, homemakers who wish to start a career, or professionals who wish to upgrade their existing skills.

Business owners looking to upgrade their employees’ skills or knowledge can also benefit from browsing through our wide range of online courses geared towards multiple sectors and talents. You can also refresh your knowledge or pursue ongoing education to rejuvenate your job prospects or rekindle your skills.

Our online courses are designed to cater to a UK and US-based audience. Our esteemed students in the US can be confident that our courses are approved by well-reputed companies like RoSPA, CMA and CPD. Please do not hesitate to visit our New Skills Academy website for details regarding course coverage, costs, duration and certification.

Good luck in your future career!


December 3, 2020

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